This design is not only easy to create but it’s completely machine washable and sturdy. If you would like to watch the video version of this pattern design, click toddler snowsuit here for the Adorable Sewn Baby Bib video tutorial. Instead, make the Baby Bib with Sleeves and your baby’s clothes will be protected from a mess. With terry cloth material, the fabric is waterproof . This bib is the perfect accessory to take your little one from teething to table eating.

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Bandana bibs function just like regular cloth bibs, but with a little more style. They work for any age, but can be especially good for drooly toddlers, since the bandana style looks less babyish. ( I don’t like regular velcro on small babies. You need non-irritating velcro) Or Sew a button and a buttonhole. This bib uses bias binding to make straps to tie the bib on the neck of the baby. Now use the hand sewing needle and thread to make ladder stitches or slip stitches to close the hole. Use several stitches to attach the snap on buttons.

  • I cut one floral piece of fabric and a striped piece of fabric for the back.
  • I share many free tutorials and patterns for creating recycled projects as well as other handmade items.
  • The excitement of giving birth and raising a son or daughter is beyond compare.
  • I will ask my wife to do some baby bibs for our new born.

It’s a game-changer and I consistently use my machine for a wide-variety of projects. Use clean stitches around the perimeter of the snap and knot the thread. Place the piece of terry cloth underneath your cotton.

Floral Baby Girl Bib Set

Featuring on-trend prints, our bandana bibs offer the ultimate outfit protection for drooling and teething babies. Made of soft fabric, they feature two adjustable snaps to fit both infants and toddlers. Some baby drool so much that they soak through their clothes and can cause rashes, other babies only drool a little. A light muslin bib is a great option for catching drool and can be made out of cute fabric for baby. Thanks for this post, pattern downloaded and pinned for later. First grandchild due to make an appearance at the end of April, making other things at the moment – most recent is a changing bag on my „baby stuff“ board.

The Game Day Jersey Pattern

Line up pattern on terry cloth fabric fold and pin. You could also use a favorite bib you have on hand, like I did. My photos show me using a baby bib I liked to use as the pattern. The front is 100% polyester so it’s easy to wipe, and the back is 100% cotton so it’s super soft on baby’s neck.

Terry Cloth Fabric

This beautiful moon print is now available in burp cloths! Combined with stripes and twinkle bee, this 5 pack will bring lots of smiles! It is the only bib like it on the market. This pull over easy on/off design makes it easy to multi-task. Stop dreaming of being an octopus, and put this bib on one- handed. Bonus – baby can’t pull this bib off during mealtime.

I like to make a few coordinating baby items so often times I make burp cloths and a blanket to complete a gift set. Figuring out a mom’s style and then being able to personalize some things to her taste is really the fun part of being able to make something handmade for the baby. Print out the Bigger & Better bib pattern. If it doesn’t then adjust your printer settings.

Another factor that may be skewing the size of the bib is if it is scaled to fit when printing the paper pattern. Make sure the scale is 100% to ensure it is printing to the correct size. Baby bibs are the perfect baby gift to sew. You can easily customize them with fabric choice and they are fast, fast, fast to sew (love that!).

After mealtime is over, the soft material rolls up easily to contain the mess. Plastic bibs are thin like cloth bibs, but are made of waterproof plastic that can be wiped clean. Some have pockets for crumbs, but they don’t always catch as much as silicone bibs. Some options are also big enough to cover a child’s shoulders or lap.